Frequently Asked Questions

In a hurry and need an answer? The following are some of the questions we commonly receive. You should be able to find the answer you need in these reponses. If you do not find what you are looking for, please use our HelpReach chat to speak with one of our support representives.

How do I change my password?
Login to your Member Account and choose the Edit Account Information option. Find the password field and enter a new password. Submit the form and your password is changed immediately.

How do I chat?
See the "How Does It Work?" page for a demonstration. To start an Operator chat, log in to your Operator account and choose the "Open an Operator LaunchPad" option.

Can I engage in more than one chat session at a time?
The number of chat sessions you may engage in depends solely on your ability to "multi-task" and maintain several simultaneous sessions. From our experience an operator can remain efficient when handling up to 4 concurrent sessions.

Can I send a link within a chat session?
Yes, during any chat session you may refer your visitors to any URL by sending a string that starts with "http://". This will automatically translate to a "clickable" URL on your visitor's chat window.

Can more than one operator chat with the same visitor?
No. An operator can chat with several visitors at once, but the visitor has to log off and back on again if they wish to speak with different operator.

How can I save chat session information for future use?
Transcripts are automatically saved in the reporting features of HelpReach. Customers can also request a copy of the chat session by selecting this option at the beginning of the session.

What do I do if I am too busy to chat with visitors to my site?
If you are unable to chat with your visitors you can direct them to your FAQ engine or email address by closing your LaunchPad. All operator LaunchPads must be closed for this to happen.

How do I change the icons for the chat on my site?
We have a library of icon options available for you, or you are welcome to create any graphic that better fits your site. The only important part is that you keep the link just as it is formatted.

Do my visitors need to download anything or install any plug-in?
No. Visitors to your Web site can simply click on the HelpReach icon and start chating. No installations or downloads are necessary.

Will HelpReach work on a Mac?
Yes, HelpReach works with Macs. Those using the system need browser software compatible with HTML, Java, and Javascript. We cannot guarantee that the system will work with all browser releases. To ensure the most trouble free operation, you should upgrade your browser to its most recent "stable" release.

How do I add additional operators to my HelpReach account?
Log in to your Operator account as the administrator. Choose the "Add Additional Operators" option. You also have options for modifying or removing current operators.

Does HelpReach monitor visitor traffic when you are offline, or only when you are online?
Our Live Chat allows you to service customers when you are online only. If you are not online visitors can leave you an email or be sent to your FAQ's.

Do you place cookies on my visitor's computer?
Yes, we do use cookies for minimal tracking of the user during the individual chat session. We do not use the cookies to track users for marketing purposes.

Do I have access to the visitor information?
All chat information is stored on our server, and you can view the history of visitors who have chatted with you. However, for the present we cannot provide you with any more information that what is presented to you when users conduct a chat with you.

How will I know when a visitor wants to chat?
As an operator, you run a "listening" browser we call the LaunchPad. This window contains your Frequent Responses and a Status Queue. The LaunchPad continually checks the status of your queue and sees if there are any requests for a chat. When you see a person requesting a chat, you simply launch a chat window and begin chatting with the visitor.

What kind of information can you see about the visitors on your site?
You can see IP address, host information, which browser the visitor is using, which page the visitor is on, and where the visitor came from if they clicked on a link.

Will HelpReach allow me to recover the email addresses of those individuals that visit my site?
HelpReach does not gather email addresses of all visitors to your site, only those that choose to enter their email address in order to receive a transcript of their chat. Visitors may choose to provide their personal information to you on their own.

Does it matter where my site is hosted?
No, your site can be hosted with any hosting service provider.

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